Our Difference

Organic + ethically made baby clothing, brought to you by Alex and Clara and caring makers from around the world.

We sell well-made and useful items that become part of your family.  Hand things down or pass them on because our toys and clothes are made to last.  Our approach is a more sustainable and mindful way of living and that extends to how you shop, live and even how we do business,

Alex and Clara Organics is a concept store for European inspired design with a handpicked selection for children and parents.

Our selection covers kids wear, toys, books, some items for parents and the family home. Contemporary yet timeless pieces made with care and skill that are meant to stand the test of time and play. The style is simple and casual with some European formality. A lovingly curated choice of simply beautiful and useful things from Alex and Clara Organics.

Alex and Clara Organics is inspired by creative mothers living in different European metropolises and reflecting the authentic style of those cities. These muses open the doors of their family homes, share the essentials that make their everyday life more beautiful and show us how they combine their favorite pieces of the selection to create this special European look.